Community Revival Programme

Community Revival Programme (CRP) is a not-for-profit organization working with hard-to-reach rural communities and disadvantaged groups in the society by amplifying their voices so that governments, organizations, and individuals can hear and attend to their needs.


Quality Education

We solicit for interventions to empower hard-to-reach communities and groups with valuable knowledge to be able to generate solutions that are tailored to their respective needs.

Economic Empowerment

At CRP, we work to ensure that the socially and economically disadvantaged people living in slums have an input into the services they receive and are able to access the services/information which they are entitled to.

Climate-Smart Agriculture

Our content analysis approach helps provide means for stakeholders in rural locations to identify agricultural strategies suitable to their local conditions in order to help them secure sustainable food security under climate change.

Reduce Inequality

We ensure that individuals with physical and/or sensory disabilities are fully integrated into communal activities without any form of stigmatization from anybody or group.

Take Action

Help make our vision a reality. if you are willing and have the desire to help those in need, If you are young, active, and ready to change the world for the better, Get involved, speak out, volunteer or donate